Floating for back pain

Weightless relaxation & therapy

Pain-free back 🌱

How does floating help with back pain?

Floating describes the weightless floating on the surface of a concentrated salt brine. Due to the high density, the burden of your own body weight is eliminated: muscles, tendons and joints are completely relieved .

Floating is one of the most effective methods for relieving back pain, as it reduces muscle tone, relieves tension and promotes the correction of rigid protective postures . Floating is 100% natural in its composition of beneficial magnesium sulfate salt and water .


Floating is as orthopedically effective as physiotherapy

For this reason, Scandinavian countries have already firmly established floating in their society . Classic treatment methods, such as manual therapy or heat treatment, often involve long waiting lists and considerable additional effort. However, studies already show that floating is as successful as physiotherapy in orthopedic treatment .


Science as an evidence-based basis

The targeted therapy of back pain focuses predominantly on the following target criteria:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of muscle tone
  • Reducing restrictions in professional and private life

Floating achieves significant improvements in all three areas . Floating three times leads to results in all areas that are equivalent to those of traditional treatment approaches, and not just in the short term.

Floating for back pain

The advantages at a glance

Unique relief

The weightless environment ensures complete relief of the muscles, spine and joints

Mental & physical recovery

Back pain is a reflection of our psyche. Floating relaxes the mind and at the same time ensures relaxation of the entire body

Reduction of muscle tone

Studies show that floating significantly reduces the tone of the muscles surrounding the spine. The source of most back pain
Dr. med. Johannes SchauweckerSpecialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, Technical University of Munich

"Based on the available data, the medical use of floating for spinal complaints can be recommended."

Strong brine bath therapy for spinal complaints – a prospective randomized controlled study

Floating – For lightness in the back

Many people react to psychological overload with physical symptoms, including severe neck and back pain. The psyche is therefore often the main cause of non-specific back pain, which accounts for 85% of all back problems.

Increased muscle tone in response to stress often leads to painful tension , which can limit mobility and create a vicious circle of pain, protective posture and increased pain .

The low-stimulus floating environment has the advantage of relaxing the body and mind equally . Floating therefore also takes into account the psychosocial stress that is crucial for back pain . After floating, we feel fresh and rested.