No stimuli. No distractions.
Discover floating.


Floating means floating on the surface of a salt brine heated to the temperature of your body. The burden of your own body weight is removed and your body and mind relax completely.


No stimuli

The salt brine is tempered to 34.7 degrees, exactly the same temperature as your external body. This environment allows our brain to be completely relieved of the processing of external stimuli. Floating is possible in complete darkness and without accompanying music. This allows your body to reach a state of deep relaxation and regeneration in a natural way.


100% natural

The fascination of floating lies in its 100% naturalness. The combination of magnesium sulfate salt and water creates a safe environment that is close to nature and does not require any supplements 🌱

The best of three worlds

No stimuli. No distractions.

The sustainable dimension of relaxation

100% natural

A completely natural environment of water and natural magnesium sulfate salt


The high density of the brine carries you weightlessly on the water surface

Mental recovery

Floating has a reset effect on our minds. Come as you are, leave us refreshed and relaxed

No stimuli

You can float in complete darkness and without music. Because the water is kept at exactly 34.6 degrees, you don't have to process any external stimuli

Complete relief

The weightless environment means complete relief of the muscles, spine and joints

Floating during pregnancy

A break from pain, weight and tension.

Floating in competitive sports

Steph Curry, Novak Djokovic or Tom Brady. They all rely on floating.

Floating for mental health

Give your head a moment of complete rest.

Floating in science

Our vision

A world in which sustainable relaxation is easy and accessible to everyone at any time. That is the world we want to live in.

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