Weightless relaxation like in your belly

The perfect mom & child break

Floating during pregnancy

The physical challenge of pregnancy is like running a nine-month marathon. But it's not just the physical strain that increases, but also the mental strain. Your belly gets bigger, your legs get heavier, your back hurts and sleepless nights do the rest. How nice would it be to feel fit and light again?

We give you a break

Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and relaxation - just like your baby does in your belly. Floating relieves tension, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, the happiness hormone serotonin increases and your brain falls into a sleep-like state without stimuli. Muscle and sciatic pain are reduced, theta brain waves are activated - like in hypnosis or meditation. For the greatest possible relaxation, book a massage tailored to your pregnancy.

Questions about floating during pregnancy

If your pregnancy is progressing normally, floating is recommended from the 3rd month of pregnancy and ideally until the 8th month. Since every pregnancy is different, we recommend that you consult your midwife or gynecologist beforehand.

Yes, floating is an ideal relief during pregnancy. Muscle and sciatic pain noticeably decrease, while the feeling of weightlessness pampers not only the body but also the head.