What do you wear when floating?

May 25, 2024float team

What do you actually wear when floating? – We answer

Today we are addressing one of the most frequently asked questions from floating newbies: “What do you wear when floating?”

The naked truth: less is more

Floating is about experiencing total relaxation and weightlessness. To enjoy the best possible experience, the simple answer is: Nothing! That's right - it 's best to float without clothes . Don't worry, you'll be completely private and undisturbed. Our state-of-the-art Floating pools are designed to make you feel safe and comfortable and enjoy your own private time out.

Why without clothing?

Clothing can disrupt the feeling of lack of stimulation . Any material, no matter how light, sends a stimulus to your skin and distracts you from perfect relaxation. So, let your clothes fall off and enjoy pure relaxation in a private setting.

Of course, this is just well-intentioned advice. It is up to each individual to wear swimwear in our float pools. However, for the absolute floating experience without any stimuli, wearing swimwear is not necessary 🌿

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