Can you fall asleep while floating? – Everything you need to know

May 26, 2024float team

The short answer: Yes, and it’s fantastic!

Yes, you can fall asleep while floating without any problems and it is one of the best ways to completely relax . Many people fall asleep during the first time they float or enter a slightly dim relaxation phase . A sign that the body is winding down for the long term.

Is it safe to fall asleep while floating?

Absolutely! The high density of the salt water ensures that you float weightlessly on the surface of the 28 cm deep brine . It is therefore impossible to sink. On the contrary: if you fall asleep, you will float safely on the surface of the water while your body and mind enjoy every minute of relaxation.

When do I know that my float is over?

Would you like to sleep through the entire duration of your float? No problem. We've thought of that. After the float, a coordinated wake-up light appears . The pool slowly begins to empty, a process that takes a few minutes. During this time, you will wake up gently and feel completely refreshed and recovered.

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