Stress – a permanent problem at an all-time high?

Mar 22, 2024Maximilian Wurster

Stress – a permanent problem?

A look at current data shows that stress has become an acute problem in our society. 42% of working people in Germany say they are stressed on a daily basis. More than 71% of 30- to 40-year-olds in Germany even feel regularly suffer from exhaustion . In the last decade, these figures mark an alarming All-time high (1). But feelings of stress and exhaustion are increasing not only in the workplace, but also in younger generations . The latest health report from Techniker Krankenkasse 2023 shows that 1/3 of students Even before entering professional life, due to exam anxiety, uncertainty about the future and financial burdens Burnout at risk are (2).

Statistics at an all-time high - The negative stress dynamic continues

However, representative survey data must always be carefully examined. That is why our main aim is to identify a trend A look at longer time series helps here and shows that the social perception of stress and exhaustion has increased not only recently, but in the past decade steadily has increased. For example, the perception of stress among those who are frequently stressed has increased by 30% since 2013.

The Techniker Krankenkasse writes:

"It turns out that the subjectively perceived stress among people has increased significantly again in recent years."

Techniker Krankenkasse - Stress Study 2021 "Relax, Germany" (3)

The consequences of stress and exhaustion reflect enormous social damage and have a negative impact on the Well-being and the satisfaction of the individual and his personal environment.

How can floating help?

Floating offers the decisive advantage Reduce stress efficiently and up sustainable Way for mental recovery and a perfect Relief of muscles, spine and entire body to ensure. The weightless and low-irritation The environment offers a protected retreat that reduces both psychological and physical stress symptoms, such as back pain, posture problems and the general increase in muscle tension.

Towards a solution – the advantages of floating

Possible solutions to counteract the stress dynamics of the last decade must address both causes and symptoms in a meaningful way. At the same time, it is helpful to classify solutions based on criteria in order to ensure comparability. When looking for possible approaches, floating offers three very decisive advantages:

1. Time

Already 60 minutes Floating ensures that we slow down significantly and our body completely relax This means that floating can be optimally integrated into everyday life and packed calendars.

2. Effort

The great thing about floating: the effort is minimal. We don't have to learn anything , we do n't need any complicated methods , we can just float weightlessly in the water and let our bodies relax. Floating offers a unique environment in which we can let ourselves go from the very first minute.

3. Results & Sustainability

A look at the results of floating shows that floating has a deeper effect than conventional approaches . The low-stimulus and weightless environment acts on our body like a refreshing reset, and not just for a few hours. Regular floating therefore offers a routine that reliably relaxes us, ensures all-round well-being and delivers clinically outstanding results . In addition, floating is very naturally We all started out weightless in a belly - floating is the natural extension. No supplements. Just you in the water with many kilos of healthy magnesium sulfate salt.



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