Your guide for our wellness massages in Stuttgart

Apr 01, 2024float team


A massage guide for you

Our massage guide is your ticket to an all-round feel-good experience with us! Get the best tips about our massage offerings and find your personal favorite massage.

Aroma oil massage

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of scents? Experience the relaxing effect of our aroma oil massage and let yourself be pampered by high-quality essential oils. Our aroma oil massage is available as a 30-minute partial body and 60-minute full body version. The aroma oil massage is a gentle wellness massage that is characterized by soft strokes and stretches. Toxins and waste products are removed from the tissue and give you a feeling of deep relaxation. A wonderful wellness massage to escape from everyday life and recharge your body, mind and soul.

Deluxe back massage

Are you looking for a powerful back massage? Then our deluxe back massage is something special for you. It combines various massage techniques, including elements of Lomi-Lomi massage, bioenergetic massage, aroma oil massage, Shiatsu grips and classic massage elements. A special highlight is the inclusion of cupping glasses. The deluxe back massage not only aims to loosen the muscles, but also actively works with the structure of the fascia. Feel the beneficial effects of this intensive back massage and feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

Pregnancy massage

For all expectant mothers, we have a pregnancy massage that is specially tailored to you and your baby. The pregnancy massage is designed to relieve physical discomfort during pregnancy and increase your general well-being. In the side and sitting positions, we use gentle techniques to specifically relieve tension and give you a relaxing break. Discover the positive effects of our pregnancy massage and enjoy every minute to the fullest.

Sports massage

Are you an athlete and active? Then our sports massage is just right for you! In contrast to our wellness massages, which tend to be gentler, our sports massages are more powerful, with a higher intensity and aim to relax your muscles, prevent injuries and promote your regeneration. This includes, for example, actively promoting blood circulation and deep work with the binding thread. Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a hobby athlete, our sports massage is designed by our physiotherapists to provide you with optimal support and to accompany you on your way to your sporting goals.

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