Float & Massage: The perfect spa break for couples

Apr 15, 2024float team

Busy schedules, commitments and children whose desires, energy and attention often seem endless. It's no surprise that shared moments of peace and relaxation are far too short. So grab your better half and enjoy a relaxing time floating and then pamper yourself with a great aroma oil massage . Here are five reasons why a relaxing spa visit will enrich you:

1. Off to the land of milk and honey of relaxation!

Forget your worries and stress - when you float, it's just the two of you and the calming feeling of floating in salt water. Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the weightlessness. Here you can simply unwind and relax completely.

2. Float & Massage – an unbeatable combination

Floating is known to reduce stress hormones and lift your mood. So leave the frustrations of everyday life behind and immerse yourself in a world of well-being. After a float session, you will feel lighter, happier and ready to take on the world with a smile. The massage afterwards is the perfect ending.

3. A spa area all to yourself

When floating, you can sharpen your mindfulness and enjoy the moment to the fullest. You can enjoy complete privacy because the float room, including the bathroom and shower, is yours alone. Let go, relax and just be - that's the motto!

4. Skin Care Deluxe

The salty water is not only good for the soul, but also for the skin. The mineral-rich brine gently cleanses and nourishes your skin while you relax. After the float session, you will feel like a new person, with radiant skin and a fresh feeling.

5. Romance in zero gravity mode

Float together in the pool and experience romantic moments in a whole new dimension. The weightlessness creates a unique atmosphere of intimacy and connection that brings you even closer together. Enjoy these precious moments of togetherness. Our couples massages take place in a room after floating and round off the couple time perfectly.

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