Deluxe back massage

The deluxe back massage is an exclusive massage that increases blood circulation, relieves deep tension and increases well-being.

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Deluxe back massage

Let yourself be pampered with a combination of many different massage techniques. Enjoy the time of the Lomi-Lomi massage, the bioenergetic massage, extracts from the aroma oil massage, Shiatsu movements and classic massage elements.

Cupping glass for your back

The highlight of the deluxe back massage is the use of cupping glasses. Cupping glasses are moved along the energetic meridians to create profound relaxation for your body, mind and soul. A modern wellness experience that combines tradition and innovation to offer you a holistic feel-good experience.

More than a massage

The deluxe back massage is a therapeutic massage that not only aims to loosen up the muscles, but also works with the structure of the fascia (the connective tissue). The body can realign itself and entrenched posture patterns can be identified and resolved.

Our treatments are carried out by physiotherapists, state-certified medical masseurs and therapists with additional qualifications.

Further information

You are purchasing a voucher that is valid for a 40-minute deluxe back massage at float stuttgart. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. The voucher can only be redeemed at float stuttgart.