Floating & Massage

60 minutes of floating followed by an aroma oil massage. Choosing a couples float includes two massages that take place after the floating.

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The new dimension of deep relaxation

Experience the incomparable feeling of floating on the surface of a salt brine heated to body temperature. Here, the boundaries of body and space dissolve. The burden of your own body weight is removed and your body and mind relax completely. The low-stimulus environment means floating is a unique form of mental and physical relaxation.

The perfect spa break | Floating & Massage

Weightless floating followed by a soothing aroma oil massage - is there a more effective way to relax? We don't think so. The combination of floating and massage not only offers a perfect spa break, but also targeted relief for back pain, tiredness and a lack of resilience.

Why is floating so healthy?

Salt & Water

A completely natural environment of water and healing magnesium sulfate salt


The high density of the brine carries you weightlessly on the water surface.

Mental recovery

Floating has a reset effect on our minds. Come as you are, leave us refreshed and rested.

No stimuli

You can float in complete darkness and without any accompanying music. Your body does not have to process any stimuli.

Complete relief

The weightless environment allows complete relief of the muscles, spine and joints

A soothing aroma oil massage completes the relaxation

Experience the interplay of fragrant essential oils with flowing, relaxing massage movements. The 60-minute aroma oil full body massage covers the entire body and is characterized by intensive strokes and stretches.

The aroma oil partial body massage is a shortened version of the one-hour full body massage. The classic and popular form of massage lasts 30 minutes and covers the entire back, including the lumbar spine and neck.

Questions about floating followed by a massage

The brine is 28 cm deep. Due to the high density of the salt brine, you float weightlessly on the water surface. Sinking is therefore impossible.

Yes, with us you can enjoy your very own private time out. The float room is equipped with two showers, a small bathroom including a toilet and a changing area.

1. Take a quick shower before floating. During this time, your float pool will fill up with fresh brine.

2. Floating means no stimuli. Music and light can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

3. Enjoy soothing relaxation. No stimuli. No distractions.

4. After floating, you can take a shower, change and relax with a cup of tea or water. If you book a massage, this will take place afterwards.

The brine is filtered, prepared and freshly added for you before each float. Our aim is 100% perfect quality and excellent hygiene so that you can always feel as comfortable with us as you would at home.

The float pool is designed for two people (190 cm x 250 cm) and has a high ceiling.

The aroma oil massage takes place after the floating session.

Please note that our partial body massages are performed one after the other in one room. You are welcome to enjoy a hot wellness tea while your wellness partner is being pampered. Our 60-minute full body massages always take place at the same time.

Medical-therapeutic effect

The low-stimulus floating environment is now increasingly used therapeutically and is being scientifically researched. Regular floating helps with mental exhaustion (e.g. anxiety, depression, burnout), physical illnesses (e.g. herniated discs, muscular imbalances) or skin problems (e.g. neurodermatitis).

Further information

You are purchasing a voucher that is valid for a 60-minute float followed by an aroma oil massage at float stuttgart. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. The voucher can only be redeemed at float stuttgart.