Experience the extraordinary feeling of floating on the surface of a body-warm salt brine. No stimuli. No distractions. Pure lightness. Immerse yourself in the world of limitless relaxation 🌱

Why is floating so healthy?

No stimuli. No distractions.

Salt & Water

A 100% natural environment of water and natural magnesium sulfate salt


The high density of the brine carries you weightlessly on the water surface and relieves tension in just a few minutes

No stimuli

You can float in complete darkness and without music. The water is kept at exactly 34.6 degrees, so you no longer have to process any stimuli

Mental recovery

Floating has a reset effect on our minds. Come as you are, leave us fresh and rested

Complete relief

The weightless environment ensures complete relief of the muscles, spine and joints

Book your break now

Bookable hourly. Make an appointment conveniently online and relax. We look forward to your visit 🌱

An environment to feel good in

We can only really switch off when we feel completely comfortable in an environment. That is why, for us , aesthetics and well-being are inseparably linked . Look forward to subdued lighting, atmospheric ambience and pure lightness in a very special private setting.

Medical-therapeutic effect

The weightless and low-stimulation floating environment is unique. Regular floating helps with mental recovery (anxiety, depression, burnout), physical recovery (herniated discs, muscular imbalances) or skin problems (e.g. neurodermatitis).

Further information

You are purchasing a voucher that is valid for a 60-minute single float at float stuttgart. The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. The voucher can only be redeemed at float stuttgart.