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Our aroma oil massages are a wonderful experience to escape from everyday life and recharge your body, mind and soul. Release mental and physical tension, promote conscious awareness of your own body and increase your performance.

60 minutes full body massage

The soothing full-body massage is characterized by soft strokes and stretches.

It is a holistic body treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and capsules. The intensity of the massage depends on your individual needs.

Experience the interplay of fragrant essential oils with flowing, relaxing massage movements. Toxins and waste products are removed from the tissue. A feeling of refreshing and deep relaxation.

30 minutes partial body massage

The aroma oil partial body massage is a shortened version of the one-hour full body massage. The classic and popular form of massage lasts 30 minutes and covers the entire back, including the lumbar spine and neck. Warm and fragrant essential oils are used in the partial body massage.

A massage in a class of its own

We offer therapeutic massages that not only aim to loosen up the muscles, but also work with the structure of the fascia (the connective tissue). The body can realign itself and entrenched postural patterns are identified and resolved.

Our treatments are carried out by physiotherapists, state-certified medical masseurs and therapists with additional qualifications.

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