Time to say thank you to our moms 🌷🌷

Surprise your mother on May 12th with the most wonderful time out: floating & massage! The perfect combination for relaxation and well-being. Floating means floating weightlessly on the surface of a warm salt brine - without any external stimuli . Body, mind & soul relax completely.

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So don’t wait any longer and make this Mother’s Day unforgettable !

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"It's like putting your soul on a swing and giving it a good push" 🌷

Give the gift of floating & massage

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Why is floating the perfect gift for every mom?

Me-time is often neglected. Floating is a great way for every mom to relax 🌱

Salt & Water

A 100% natural environment of water and natural magnesium sulfate salt

Complete relief

The weightless environment ensures complete relief of the muscles, spine and joints


The high density of the brine carries you weightlessly on the water surface and relieves tension in just a few minutes

Mental recovery

Floating has a reset effect on our minds. You come as you are and then start fresh and rested

No stimuli

Floating is possible in complete darkness and without music. Because the water is kept at exactly 34.6 degrees, the body no longer has to process any stimuli. Pure vacation!

Questions about floating followed by a massage

The brine is 28 cm deep. Due to the high density of the salt brine, you float weightlessly on the water surface. Sinking is therefore impossible.

Yes, with us you can enjoy your very own private time out. The float room is equipped with two showers, a small bathroom including a toilet and a changing area.

1. Take a quick shower before floating. During this time, your float pool will fill up with fresh brine.

2. Floating means no stimuli. Music and light can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

3. Enjoy soothing relaxation. No stimuli. No distractions.

4. After floating, you can take a shower, change and relax with a cup of tea or water. The massage will take place afterwards.

The float pool is designed for two people (190 cm x 250 cm) and has a high ceiling.

The brine is filtered, prepared and freshly added for you before each float. Our aim is 100% perfect quality and excellent hygiene so that you can always feel as comfortable with us as you would at home.