Wellness & Day Spa in Stuttgart

Float weightlessly in 1000 liters of water and 750 kg of salt. And all without any stimuli.

Welcome to float stuttgart

With us you will experience relaxation in a class of its own. Discover our unique floating and massage offer. Floating means floating weightlessly on the surface of a warm salt brine. All external stimuli are eliminated. The body enters a state of deep relaxation.

An environment to feel good in

Honestly? We can only really switch off when we can completely let go and feel comfortable in our surroundings. That's why aesthetics and well-being are inseparably linked for us. With us you can expect not only complete peace and quiet and a warm atmosphere, but also your very own privacy.

30.000+ glückliche Kund:innen

Your perfect spa break

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to find time for ourselves and our loved ones. But floating is easy to integrate into everyday life - no equipment or expensive weekend trips. Simply book your appointment, bring your favorite person with you and enjoy 60 minutes of peace and relaxation.

Why is floating so healthy?

Floating is not only the most wonderful spa break, but is also increasingly becoming the focus of science . Whether for mental challenges, burnout, back pain or for athletes and pregnant women - floating offers sustainable support as a preventative and therapeutic measure .

No stimuli. No distractions.

Did you know that floating has a reset effect on our bodies ? The low-stimulation environment ensures a fresh head and complete relief for the muscles. Admittedly, you can always see that on our happy faces after floating!

Wellness massages of the highest class

Discover our range of soothing wellness massages: aroma oil massages, deluxe back massages, sports massages & pregnancy massages . Our experienced team of therapists sets new standards and offers you a transformative experience for body and soul .

Bookable hourly. More than 30,000 satisfied guests.

Our vision

"A world in which sustainable relaxation is easy and accessible to everyone at any time. That is the world we want to live in.

It couldn't be more natural 🌱

The combination of salt and water makes floating 100% natural. Floating does not require any medication, complex treatment methods or expensive supplements.

What are you waiting for?